Terms And Conditions


1. Definitions of relevant terms of the agreement:

User: Registered users who have agreed to all the terms and conditions that are stated below. Users must be least 13 years old, are using the site of their own free will, can use the site independently, and are not under duress or influence of monetary compensation.


2. Users and content management rights: Rights of users to contribute content to the site enables them to upload the following various forms of content: reviews, photos, videos, events, tips and private messages. Users have to follow the below defined criteria in order to avoid forfeiting their rights and termination from the site. Once terminated, all the personal information of the user will be stored securely on the server.


  1. Contributions by the users should be relevant to the community. Photos and videos must serve the purpose of enriching and facilitating the business it is posted to. Irrelevant and inappropriate content are not allowed.
  2. Be creative and come up with your own intellectual property. Avoid copying reviews of others from this or other sites.
  3. Your review should be based on your own experience and it must be factual.
  4. Reviews and feedback should not contain any irrelevant information about third parties.



3. In order to remain unbiased and objective as a user, please refrain from writing reviews of your own business.  Please also do not write reviews for businesses which you work for or are competing against unless you are an actual customer. 


4. Please use your Sisterdo business page and not your personal profile to promote your business.  .


5. In order to protect the privacy of other users, publicizing personal photos and videos of other users and mentioning their full name is prohibited. However, service providers who themselves use their full name on Sisterdo can have their names readily shared. 


6. Please avoid demeaning comments  towards others.  Harassment of any kind will cause immediate termination of the user.


7. Content that you share with Sisterdo Hair Care becomes our property and we have all rights to utilize and fashion your content as we see fit. This includes but is not limited to reviews, photos and videos for business purposes. We have the copyright and trademark for everything associated with Sisterdo Hair Care.  We may publicly advertise and display your content on social media channels and content feeds without your consent. Please share with care.


8. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Sisterdo Hair Care without notice.


9. After you agree to our Terms and Conditions and become registered, you will be automatically enrolled in our newsletter. You may opt out at any time.


10. We are a US based site, however, potential future endeavors could be in other countries. Content would be translated and retranslated accordingly.


11. Sisterdo will not take any action against a user on behalf of another user.


12. Sisterdo Hair Care has the right to deconstruct any activity among users in good faith and may report infringement based on policies, copyright and trademark disputes. 


13. Indemnity: Sisterdo Hair Care will not take part in any conflict among users. "Sisterdo reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnify us and you agree to cooperate with our defense of these claims. Sisterdo Hair Care will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any such claim, action or proceeding upon becoming aware of it. You agree not to settle any such matter without the prior written consent of Sisterdo Hair Care.”


14.  Jurisdiction is chosen by Sisterdo in the event the site is taken to court.


15. User does not have the right to make any changes in front-end functioning, administration, back-end development and/or design. These rights are solely reserved by Sisterdo.


16. Users who try to manipulate and/or dismantle the infrastructure of the system by introducing viruses and/or malicious software to the program will be punished swiftly and effectively; including prosecution of these individuals to the fullest extent of the law.


17. Sisterdo Hair Care "as is" is a site that users can utilize for enjoyment and reference purposes. It makes no other claims, and is not responsible for any sort of mismanagement of content, malfunctioning of program or anything else.


18. Sisterdo Hair Care does not take responsibility for product, policies or claims associated with 3rd parties. Users use products or engage with businesses at their own discretion.


19. Purchases on the site are subject to the user’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions.  Any action that negates the Terms and Conditions could become a cause of termination of your agreement.


20. As a user you have the right to discontinue the use of the site by deactivating your account, thereby ending the terms of this agreement. Your information will be securely stored on our server in the event of reactivation.


21. Reviewing guidelines and staying up-to-date with changes can protect your rights as a user and keep you safe from termination.