Three local sisters launch natural hair-care review site

Sisterdo looks to revolutionize the natural hair community


BROOKLYN, April 12, 2017: Three local sisters have launched the brand-new natural hair site Sisterdo Hair Care. Sisterdo is a community-based review aggregation site built for women with ethnically curly or kinky hair. The easy-to-use site allows users to search by product, brand, or hair type and then leave reviews on products or local area salons. Each review builds the community by helping other users find hair care solutions that work for them.


“The natural hair community is largely word-of-mouth,” says Brittany Edwards, Co-founder and CEO. “Women depend on reviews and prior experience to make choices about what products and salons they use. We wanted to remove some of the uncertainty around product purchases by providing an unbiased and quantifiable rating system. Our goal is for Sisterdo to become an everyday source for people to find products and salons that cater to their needs.”


Sisterdo is family owned and operated by three sisters: Brittany, Teryn and Chloe Edwards. In 2012, each Edwards sister made the decision to stop using hair relaxers and other chemical hair treatments. Encouraged by the natural hair community, they are now on a mission to make the transition to natural hair less intimidating for others. With Sisterdo, the Edwards sisters hope to support women and minority-owned businesses while bringing additional brand awareness to the community. By creating an easy-to-use template, Sisterdo is the perfect resource for those who wish to embrace their natural hair.