Salon Highlights: Embrace Natural Beauty with Abena Palmore

Even among us naturals who like to do our hairs ourselves, we know that sometimes we just need to bring it to a pro. We need stylists who point us in the right direction, correct damage, or just offer solutions we would have never thought of.

This is where Sisterdo Hair Care comes in, connecting users to quality natural hair brands and salons. This means finding established businesses that know how to wash, condition, and gently care for our natural hair. Trust us, not everyone does.

We are happy to share that we’ve discovered a wonderful stylist based out of White Plains NY. Her salon is a short trip away for those in the city traveling by train, and easy to access by car from the tri-state area.

Read on for Teryn’s experience with Ms. Palmore, the “Wash N Go Whisperer” as we’ve coined her. She will blow your mind with her wash n go skills. And teach you how to do it on your own.


I am so happy and feeling blessed by my new hairdo. I recently had an appointment with Embrace Natural Beauty Salon, owned by Ms. Abena Palmore. This mini salon is in a suite of beauty salons in White Plains NY. She worked wonders on my hair and I am so glad to have met her.

When I first arrived, she started with a hair consultation. We discussed what my goals were, how I styled my hair currently, and what products I use.  She was very thoughtful when recommending styles and products. Her motto is Products, Process, and Technique.   She stressed the journey of hair growth and care; that it is not about a destination. It is important to continue to care for our hair, and learn ways to maintain and encourage it to be healthy.  

My first visit with Abena included the consultation, a cut/trim, a deep conditioning treatment, steam treatment, and a style of choice.  The cost was $150 for four hours of service. I believe this is a good price considering many salons charge a la carte for their services.

As she is a professed “wash n go” specialist, I decided to try this style. I usually style my hair in twists and then a twist-out. But I told her that I was struggling with matting and tangling. Abena believes the tangling is actually due to styling (I wear a bun or ponytail 90% of the time), not using correct products, and dire need for a trim/cut.

After the consultation, she gently washed and conditioned my hair, detangled it using fingers and wide tooth comb, and blew it dry for the trim.  After the trim she washed the hair again and deep conditioned it with steam.  She then styled my hair using the wash n go technique, instructing me how to recreate the look at home and with my own products.  I dried under the hooded dryer and left with hair that was super soft, smooth and shiny.

What were the results? I had a head FULL of lovely ringlet curls that formed naturally without rods or curlers. It was my natural hair at its best!  Even better, it is a low maintenance style that only required me to tie my hair up at night and shake it out in the morning.

I am now one week into the style and I have received numerous compliments on the appearance and health of my hair. I never get compliments when my hair is dry, dull, and pulled back in a bun. LOL.

After picture of wash n go style done by Abena Palmore.

The style held up after one week!

In addition to her technical skills, Abena has a wealth of knowledge about hair types and how best to care for them. She identified my hair as partly low porosity(I thought my hair was high porosity), and suggested specific products to target those haircare needs.

Check out Abena on her youtube channel: Embrace Natural Beauty, where she talks about curly hair concerns ranging from how to moisturize low porosity hair, to how to wash n go.  You can also go to her website Embrace Natural Beauty and see her services, location and to request an appointment.  

As someone who doesn’t enjoy spending a ton of time doing hair, I am so thankful that she helped me achieve a lovely and low maintenance style.  I highly recommend Abena, check her out today!


Stay Curly,



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