About Us

Meet the Sisters of Sisterdo

Sisterdo is a review site dedicated to sharing information about the natural hair community. It was born out of a love for trying natural hair products and a desire to encourage women to embrace their natural hair.  Our number one priority is to deliver clear, concise information so that you too can navigate natural.


The Middle of the Three

My name is Brittany Edwards, and I am free spirited, a lover of art, dance and creativity in general. I used to work in retail as an assistant buyer, and left that career path to pursue my passions for entrepreneurship. 


I had been relaxing my hair ever since I was a kid, and grew to depend on having straight hair to feel like I fit into the mostly white neighborhood in which I grew up in. I always thought that natural hair was unprofessional and unattractive - to be pretty one had to have straight hair. But when my hair started to grow thin and limp from years of chemical treatments, I knew I had to make a change. I first tried to find a good natural relaxer as I wasn't ready to give up my straight hair. Six months of research later, I realized "natural relaxers" weren’t the answer. In my hair journey, I did find “natural” products which were less harsh than chemical relaxers, and texturizers which can release the curl pattern to a degree. Ultimately though, in order to get the straight look I was going for, it required going back to chemicals.


So I decided to stop relaxing my hair and see what would happen. This decision brought a degree of freedom - I know longer had to schedule my life around when I would get my next relaxer hair fix. But to say it was easier is a complete lie. Natural hair takes a lot of time, patience, and can still be pretty expensive on account of the natural hair products on the market. But this was the only decision that made sense. Around this time, my sisters were having their own hair crisis’, and we decided to take the plunge together, all three Edwards sisters going natural within a year of one another.  


We shared products, tips, frustrations and good hair day victories. As we continue our journey into natural hair, we want to share our experiences and encourage those who are considering taking that step.  Our goal is to make weaning off straighteners less scary and overwhelming by sharing with you what we went through.  We are not experts, but we have gone through the process and are happy to share what wisdom we have learned for those who are considering a similar path.   


Going Natural was the best decision I could have ever made. My hair is thriving in its God-given state, growing tremendously. For the first time in my life,  I actually prefer my kinky coils to my hair straightened in a blowout. I am proud to be a Black woman, and I embrace and love my hair just as it is. It is sad that it has taken me this long to feel confident in my own skin, but better late than never.


The Eldest of the Three

Hello my name is… Teryn


I am a pediatric physician, a writer, and artist. But a hair guru??? Not so much. I actually became more interested with the natural hair care movement  two years ago after I developed a severe sensitivity to chemical relaxers. The creamy yet caustic chemicals that I had used for the past 20 years to keep my hair straight, started causing rashes, peeling, and immediate burning upon use.  Needless to say, I decided to stop using these products and to investigate more natural and holistic ways to care for my hair.  This has been a bit of a journey for me, as I am not naturally :) good with hair.  I don’t feel that I have inherent talent with styling. But I am persistent, and I am inquisitive.


As such, I have embraced Sisterdo as an opportunity to both learn about natural hair care and also to help share what knowledge I’ve gained both through my research, my medical training, and of course through trial and error.  I really hope to reach those people who, like me, are also rediscovering the beauty within their hair. Let’s live and learn together.


Remember, the vision becomes clearer with each day. and the Best is yet to come!


Stay Blessed.




The Baby

My name is Chloe Edwards and I am the youngest of the three sisters of Sisterdo. I am a fourth grade teacher and lover of knowledge.  I am, always seeking ways to improve my craft and better enrich the lives of my little scholars. My natural hair journey began in 2012 when I stopped using relaxers after  noticing my hair was thinning! I was hesitant when I first started caring for my natural hair because I hadn't seen it for  what it was in over 15 years. My sisters and I began collaborating, teaching each other best practices and swapping products. Three years later I am so glad I stopped using relaxers and am embracing my natural curls. We hope you will join our community here at Sisterdo!  


Sisterdo What it Do,